Personal Injuries cause Hardship in Many Different Ways

Personal Injuries cause Hardship in Many Different Ways

You, a family member or friend can unexpectedly suffer from personal injuries that cause permanent disability and financial hardship, or even death. If the injury or death is caused by the negligence of another person or entity, our legal system affords you the right to a trial of your case by a jury of your peers. In essence, it is your peers – not a corporation – who determines what, if any, compensation is fair and reasonable in light of the circumstances. Car accident lawyersPersonal injury attorney

Unfortunately, insurance companies and corporate interests have embarked on a well-funded campaign to weaken, if not eliminate, the jury trial system in our country. This is problematic because, for many, a jury trial may be the only way to obtain fair compensation from an opponent with unlimited resources. This is also why an experienced trial lawyer is critical to the future of anyone who has been seriously injured due to the negligence of another.

The only real incentive for an insurance company to pay the fair value in the settlement of a claim is if the injured party is represented by a capable and experienced trial attorney. Otherwise, the insurance company, guided by the profit motive, will attempt to pay as little as possible in exchange for a release that will forever bar personal injury attorneys from any future claim — even if the injuries and damages become more severe than originally anticipated.personal injury law

Insurance companies and corporations have legal departments designed to meet and defend their objectives. It is always in your best interest to have an attorney on your side who is willing and able to aggressively and effectively present your case to a jury if the other side refuses to enter into a reasonable settlement. Your future depends upon experienced representation. I trust that you will provide me with the honor and privilege of representing you, a member of your family or friend in protecting your best interest and preserving your future.

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