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You Can Live Large If You Are Willing to Travel Away From the City

It is common knowledge that prime locations within the city and well connected to amenities cost higher than areas far away from downtown. But a new report by John Burns of Real Estate Consulting, Chicago says that the cost of living away from the city has never before been so cheap. With more and more […]

Las Vegas Housing Market Picks up after Recession

Las Vegas, the happening city in US saw a bad hit in real estate prices after the recession of 2009. Now, with more markets opening up, the city that was badly hit in the recession is slowly getting up with a steady increase in housing prices. This was ascertained by Greater Las Vegas Association of […]

Chinese Buyers Jump into the US Housing Band Wagon

With an ever increasing Chinese economy in the global market and opening of restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, there is a surge in the number of Chinese buyers who are investing in US Housing. It is not all fancy upscale New York apartments, but places even farther off such as the mid-Atlantic. Chinese buyers […]