Chinese Buyers Jump into the US Housing Band Wagon


With an ever increasing Chinese economy in the global market and opening of restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, there is a surge in the number of Chinese buyers who are investing in US Housing. It is not all fancy upscale New York apartments, but places even farther off such as the mid-Atlantic. Chinese buyers are more interested in real estate locations that offer access to quality education for their children that ranges from primary schools to university levels.

This rush of Chinese buyers into US housing market has even led a few firms in the US to work together with Chinese counterparts. One such case is the deal made between Long & Foster, a real estate firm from Virginia and Juwai, a real estate firm based in China. Pandra Richie, president of Long & Foster is highly positive that the US housing market has various sectors to satisfy the demands of different categories of Chinese buyers. This is one trend that is slated to see a further increase in the coming months.

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