Apple Takes a Hit as Prices Fall – New Gear Unveiled


Retail giant, Apple Inc. unveiled a range of new gear yesterday that included the upgrades to the existing Apple TV, a new bigger iPad and the highly criticized Apple Pencil. With the products, yet to be introduced in the market, share prices of Apple Inc. fell down by two percent. Several websites made a live tracking of the share prices, as each product was introduced. This has given us a perception of the level of acceptance of the products among customers.

The new Apple iPad Pro, unveiled yesterday is bigger than existing iPad models and offers a higher resolution than any other Apple devices so far. Apple also unveiled a new stylus, to be used along with the new iPad Pro. The new stylus, dubbed as the Apple Pencil is to be used in conjunction with iPad Pro and looks all elegant and sleek as other products from Apple. Apple also offered several upgrades to Apple TV offering stiff competition to rival products. With, the new Apple products yet to be accepted by the end consumer, Apple Inc. finished yesterday with a final drop in the price of its shares by 1.97%.

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