Tiny Doesn’t Equate with Less – Reducing the Size of Condos


As more and more of the millennial generation join the workforce, real estate agents are working hard to tap into this segment of customers who are used to living on rent. Studies prove that the younger segments of the workforce are reluctant to get into life-long mortgages, as they are still wary of the housing breakdown of 2006. This has made real estate agents reduce the size of the average condos in an attempt to get this niche of customers to buy apartments.

Recent trends all over the country show that condos in high-rise urban areas are getting smaller and smaller. These tiny apartments cost roughly half that of the average condo but provide the same amenities and facilities. These condos are specially preferred by young professionals who like to remain within walk able distance from the place of their work. Tiny condos as small as 300 square feet are in high demand among young professionals who are looking forward to invest in their first homes. Realtors are looking to further explore this trend of tiny condos.

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