Red light camera tickets

As new technology comes out there are new advances in the law enforcement department. Red light camera tickets are just another of these new things that are being used to help enforce laws. One down fall with these is that they are very easy to dispute in court after.traffic ticket attorneys

The main reason that tickets that are given out like this are easy to fight is because of the lack of witnesses. With a normal ticket there is a police officer that hands you the ticket and therefore he is the witness. The only thing that these have is pictures of your car and who ever is driving it.

A thing that makes them simple to fight as well is the fact that you can’t sometimes tell in the picture who is driving. Sometimes though in court they can tell that it is you and you have to take the charges. In some cases though this does not mean you have to pay anything though. Even though you are in the picture it might not stand.

The first thing that you might to want to do as soon as you get one of these is to make sure that it is real. There are past cases were police in different counties have mailed out fake tickets to get people. In other cases people who are not with the police have sent them out to get personal things from people.

When you receive a ticket like this is a good idea to check with the court to make sure its real. The court number and address should be on the ticket so you can call and verify it. No matter what a real ticket will have you get a hold of the court house and this will defiantly prove that the ticket is a legitimate one so there will be no question.

If your ticket is real there are a few things that you can do before you go to the court. A major thing that you can do is to start learning the laws on these type of tickets so you can be ready. Like if there are no signs saying that there is a camera, it can’t be held up in court because there is no warning that there is a camera at that intersection.speeding ticket dismissal

Another thing you can do is to actually go into the court to fight your ticket. Make sure you are prepared before you go in front of the judge with all of your evidence. If you look at the photo and it is not you, you can tell the judge that you can’t be held accountable for it.

Law enforcement problems are slowly going down with the new technology coming out. With things like red light camera tickets though, there are a few holes that people found to fight them. You do not want to make your problems worse in court, so make sure that you do not lie in there because you can get into more trouble that way. For more information visit this website

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