Are You Paying Full Commissions on your Home Sale

Florida’s 1st Full Service, Discount Real Estate Office! Dedicated to Saving You THOUSANDS of Dollars in Real Estate Commissions. Why Pay 5, 6 or 7% Commission* When You Don’t Have To? Call Us Today, to List Your Home!homes for sale

*Real Estate commissions are negotiable in Florida. There is no set commission rate.

Sellers pay only 2% total Real Estate Commission with our exclusive BUYER DIRECT program! How do we do it? Well,HomeAdvantage
What does “Full Service” Real Estate Mean?

It means that we offer all of the same services that other Real Estate companies do, at a lower commission! As a matter of fact, we go above and beyond when it comes to marketing your property, so that you will get the most amount of money for your home, in the least amount of time possible! We provide the following services for each and every home that is listed with HomeAdvantage

Multiple listing Service.: We list all of our homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Putting a home on the MLS is a MUST, when marketing a property to the fullest extent. Most serious buyers are working with a Realtor. If they are not working with a Realtor, they are usually looking on the internet, at sites like Realtor.Com, which pick up listings from MLS systems all around the country. If a seller’s home is not on the MLS, there is very little chance that serious prospective buyers will even find the FSBO home. About 80-90% of For Sale By Owner listings end up being listed by a Realtor at some point. Usually after the sellers have had enough of “trying it on their own”. Our company is a great alternative, because sellers have the best of both worlds. They aren’t paying high commissions and they are getting full-service.

Internet Advertising: We are a progressive Real Estate company and we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology when marketing your home. At HomeAdvantage a majority of our marketing budget goes toward internet marketing. We utilize marketing tools such as “pay-per-click” advertising and “sponsored search” advertising. It can be very expensive, but the end result is undeniable….SOLD homes! Our listings will be seen on all of the major search engines, including google and Yahoo, as well as AOL and many more. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to internet advertising! If your realtor isn’t internet savvy, you won’t get the exposure you need to sell your home.

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Digital Photo’s, and LOTS of them!: To market a property, you must draw the buyer in and make them want to see more! An exterior photo is not sufficient enough to make people want to view a home. If the interior needs a little updating, then we focus on the exterior features, such as LOCATION or beautiful landscaping. Either way, the use of quality photo’s does wonders when promoting a property. At HomeAdvantage , we put a lot of time into “presentation”. We have experience and expertise in advertising and will put that to good use, when advertising your home.

Virtual Tours: Home Advantage offers a Virtual Tour to our home sellers! We want you to have every advantage over the competition, when we market your home. We advertise on the internet to potential buyers, so that they come to our web site to look for homes! Your Virtual Tour will be viewable on the MLS and on

Banner Advertising on

Our company is spending THOUSANDS of dollars on banner and tower ads. is America’s #1 Real Estate web site, with hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. We have strategically placed advertisements on because we know that to sell a home for TOP DOLLAR, in the shortest amount of time, your home needs EXPOSURE, and lots of it. F.S.B.O’s (For Sale By Owners) don’t attract the serious buyers. People who are pre-qualified and ready to buy, are generally working with a Realtor. Especially buyers who are not from the area. Out of town buyers (transferees) account for a large part of our “buyer pool”, because Southern Florida is home to many corporations. Another large pool of buyers are the people who live in, and around the Chicago area. Most, again are working with a Realtor who will guide them on what areas are experiencing growth, etc. That is why we place each and every listing on the MLS, and in Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. We wouldn’t offer our sellers anything less than the best!

Signage: Every listing gets a Home Advantage sign in the front yard, as well as directional signs for Open Houses. Our vibrant and colorful signs will have our office phone number on it and our web site address! Potential buyers will get professional, quality service when they call to inquire about any of our listings. Sellers can be assured that we will work diligently to follow up with buyers and schedule an appointment to show the home at a time that is convenient to both the buyer and the seller. Another thing that we want to emphasize, is that we don’t just show homes, we SELL them! If you want an agent who has sales experience and is determined to get get your home SOLD, call us today! We look forward to showing you the HomeAdvantage difference!

Lockbox: All HomeAdvantage listings get a lockbox so that the home can be conveniently shown after an appointment is scheduled. These are electronic lockboxes that are programmed to work only during 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. No home will ever be shown without our office calling first, to schedule an appointment with the seller. We will usually have 24 hour advanced notice, before any showing, unless the property is vacant and we have the sellers’ expressed, written permission to show with no notice. Since our listings are on the MLS, any licensed Realtor may show the home after scheduling an appointment.

Mailings: HomeAdvantage customers will benefit from our aggressive mailing program. With each home that we list, we will do a mailing to a targeted market, based on our independent MLS research. For instance, if the home we are selling is in the $250,000.00 range, we may choose neighborhoods that are in the $150,000.00- $185,000.00 range. This marketing concept is based largely on past sales in the area. Not all sellers buy in a higher price range on their next purchase, but a large majority do. Thus, doing direct mailings to targeted areas is a much more effective marketing technique.florida realtors

Magazine and Newspaper Ads: All HomeAdvantage listings are featured monthly in Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Florida’s premier homes publication. Maximum exposure for each home is what we strive for. We also advertise in the Times Newspaper and the Post Tribune. Our newspaper advertising points potential buyers to the website.

Upgraded Listing: All HomeAdvantage listings will be featured on The web site gets more visitors than ANY other Real Estate web site on the internet. Our sellers will have an UPGRADED listing, which offers scrolling text, banners and more photo’s. More exposure…less commission! Why would you expect anything less from us?

Billboard Advertising: To promote our company, HomeAdvantage will be utilizing billboard advertising throughout the Florida. Again, exposure is key and what better way to direct buyers and sellers to our web site than with eye-catching BILLBOARDS! Our billboard advertising will be promoting the web site, where buyers search for homes on the Treasure Coast!

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