Homeownership Falls to an All Time Low

ownership fall

With more and more US citizens hesitant to plunge into the housing market after the recession, the rate of home ownership is at an all-time low. Realtors are significantly worried with this trend. Home ownership is now around 63 percent, a significant 4 percent lesser than what it was in 2006 before the recession hit the housing segment.

This is because of Generation X moving towards renting rather than ownership as they were badly hit by the recession losing their source of income and even their homes in some cases. Also the older generation of baby boomers is past their prime and looking towards renting for the flexibility it offers. The younger millennial who is cautious of the recession and is hesitant to commit to buy their first home. This has caused drop in home ownership rates and it is now at all time low for the past twenty five years.

This has caused rents to surge higher with inflation and renters young and old are struggling to make ends meet to pay the ever-increasing rents. However, even with rise in rents, people are still not moving into home ownership. A look into the restructuring of home ownerships, mortgages and rent structures is the need of the hour.

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