Gift Card Scams to be Wary of this Season


With the holiday shopping round the corner, more and more consumers are moving towards gift cards instead of regular gifts.
Pros of Gift Cards:
Easy to purchase and less time consuming than shopping for traditional gifts.
Choice of the gifts left with the gift receiver.
Wider range of gift cards available right from $5 to sky is the limit.
Personalized gift cards are available that make the receiver feel extra special.
Gift cards are no longer the refuge of last minute shoppers, but are the preferred choice for many. With rise in gift cards, there has been a rise in scams associated with gift cards. From simple tampering to high-end stealing of the codes in the magnetic chips new and new scams are devised by con-men to make use of security or lack of in gift cards.
gift-cardHere are some tips to ensure that you stay ahead and have a stress free holiday season with gift cards.
Whenever possible, opt for electronic gift cards rather than regular ones. These cards are directly sent from the merchant site to the receiver’s mailbox with no middle man to tamper it with.
When purchasing gift cards from racks on stores, ensure that the packaging is safe from any signs of tampering. It is pretty easy for conmen to remove gift cards from the original packages, empty them and re-seal them. So watch out for any signs of tampering.
If possible, register gift cards in the name of the receiver. This eliminates the chance for anyone else to misuse it.
Wherever possible, check the balance of the gift card with the cashier before you purchase it.
Use these points and have a safe-happy shopping experience this holiday season.

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